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Babymoov 'Milky Now' Bottle Prep Machine

Babymoov 'Milky Now' Bottle Prep Machine

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As a parent, every minute counts! Milky Now enables parents to have prepared water on standby to make baby bottles in the quickest and most sterile way possible, day and night!

Milky Now heats the water quickly from 22°C to 100°C and dispenses it straight into your baby bottle at the push of a button. This practical hot water dispenser automatically pours out 60 ml of water: no more measuring required!

Its large 1.1l capacity and "keep water hot" function mean you can instantly and safely prepare your baby's bottles at any time of the day or night. The water will remain at the programmed temperature for up to 6 hours!

The "100°C" function on this machine enables you to heat it to a sufficiently high temperature to destroy any potential bacteria and guarantee it is completely clean. MIlky Now has a built-in cooling system which means you only have to wait a few minutes for the water to be cooled back down to your initially required temperature.

Milky Now is easy to use as well as to clean: its water tank is made from stainless steel to guarantee maximum hygiene, and its "CLEAN" function makes it easy to clean all the water channels (the water boils for 3 minutes at 100°C). A handy tip to ensure maximum cleanliness: add a few drops of lemon juice to the water before pressing the "CLEAN" button 2 or 3 times.

Ideal for all the family, this hot water dispenser can also be used for making your own hot drinks!

Please note: Before using for the first time, we recommend running the "CLEAN" function to ensure that all the channels are completely clean, then completely emptying the tank.

Key Features

  • Practical: heats the water for baby bottles or other hot drinks to the exact temperature required, and keeps it at the right temperature for up to 6 hours (between 22°C and 85°C). No need to measure the amount you pour out: Milky Now will automatically distribute 60ml at the press of a button*.
  • Easy bottle prep at night; Have water pre-boiled, cooled and ready at the perfect temperature for making a bottle instantly in the night.
  • Easy to use: The touchscreen makes it easy to select the required temperature. And for even better control, the actual water temperature is displayed on the screen
  • Large capacity (1.1 l): quickly prepare up to 12 baby bottles
  • Hygienic: Boil your water to 100°C to eliminate any potential bacteria and guarantee it is completely clean (NHS recommended to use pre-boiled water for making bottles)
  • Internal fan : This cools boiled water down to the safest temperature for making a bottle (NHS recommends using 70°C+ water to make a bottle as this safely sterilises the formula of any bacteria)
  • Easy care: easy to clean with its stainless steel surface and "CLEAN" function
  • Lifetime warranty 

    *A tolerance is to be taken into account related to the product and the containers used.
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